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Thursday, March 21, 2013

.:: Color Of Life ::.


Test is a life.
and it's also a color of our life.
If we Doesn't have any test is like we doesn't have a color in our life
is like our life is so bored.

From the test we can be more matured, extra careful,
know how to handle the test if it came to us again.

Patience and pray to Allah and Dua
when the test come to our self.

Whatever it is We must 

kepada sesape yang ambik result SPM
hari ni
Congrats 2 who get many A's
but who doesn't get so many A's
don't SO disapoited with your result ok.

doesn't mean that who get so many A's 
like 10,11,12 A's
will become success in their life in future. =)

Nor Zuraiti & Dayang Shaza Amirah
Congrats on your Result SPM ok.

 Nota Kaki =Teringat zaman dulu2. 
Thank to him and my family 4 support me to cntinue my study
although i don't finished it but i already get my work.

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Amanina said...

salam..singgah sini :)

Rngnkn blog shout box tepi lmbg UITM