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Friday, May 21, 2010

~ 18 Incredible Umbrella Art Installations From Around The World ~

juz want 2 share 
an uniqe pic with u all..
received email from My BFF *Ain*
thanx a lot babe hehee 
c u 2moorow nite at tmn layang2 ok hehe

1. Umbrella house in Houston

2. Red umbrella ball in Shanghai

3. Multi-coloured umbrella light ball in Korea

  4. Umbrella installation in Melbourne mall

5. Milan Design Week 2007
6. Floating umbrellas in a Japanese mall

7. Umbrella installation in Greece

8. Beach umbrellas in Gorman, California

9. Channel 4 building on Horseferry Road, London
11. Paper parasols at the Bellagio

14. Umbrella tree in Seoul, Korea
15. Rainbow coloured umbrella installation in the A.L.I.C.E. Museum Exhibition at Seoul Arts Center

17. Umbrellas in Battery Park, New York
Artist Victor Matthews painted a butterfly on 3,000 open umbrellas and set them up in Battery Park for his “Beyond Metamorphosis” work. That’s a lot of work! 

18. Umbrella light canopy

 nota kaki = slmt mnghayati pic2 ni kawan2 ku =)

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